Christmas Has Come to Clubpenguin!!!!!

christmas party has come to clubpenguin and with a great new party, with a classic christmas theme.

first here is all of the new items

1) antlers are located at the dock


2) the santa hat is located at the snow forts.


3) the pin is located at the lodge attic. (second floor, next to the rocking horse).



and now what you have been waiting for the party will be

~23 december 2007
~2.00pm Pst time.
~it will start at my igloo
~ everyone is invited to come.


my team
justingarett and bravehawk have been added, they should be making posts soon.


ok cya and merry christmas

-lpg 123


2 Responses to “Christmas Has Come to Clubpenguin!!!!!”

  1. Hey lpg123
    Sorry i am not logged in but plz can i help with ur site u are anadmin on my site and when i first joined the RA then u said i wanna do everything myself and I was the first person to ask u when we used to talk on msn plz lpg plz lpg remember my words and if u dont add me on your site then gooner7 will be an admin agaian

  2. Yo!!

    Cool Site and Merry Christmas IPG đŸ˜€

    Peace Out

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