I Need A Team!

ok, i have became a bit bored of just having me posting and upgrading my blog, so l think l need 2 people to help me.

l want one person to post about
-new cheats
-new glitchs
-sercet items
-post everyday

and the other to post about
-upcoming battles
-battle analysis
-post everyday

so, if you are intersted in any of these just email me at racc12@hotmail.com and l will consider it.
-but with these l am picking people with alot of experience with wordpress and club penguin.


also tomorrow l will post about what clubpenguin should make for members.


Christmas Party dates will be announced tomorrow.

ok cya

-lpg 123


2 Responses to “I Need A Team!”

  1. I could do the one about the post everyday, new cheats, glitchs stuff, and secret items!

    LPG 123: yes, you are now in the running, can l please have your email address.

  2. bravehawk814 Says:

    i will join i can post about like war and stuff

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