ok, here is finally the new secrets for the furniture catalogue

pictures copied from rpfrulers

IN other news
PInkmafias is back and with a ffriend in real life electrikic (im not sure if it is spelt right), pinkmafias has quit runescape and started playing club penguin again. and he says his site will be updated majorly.

Paintboy100 he has quit club penguin, he says he has no time for club penguin any more, he says “ill still keep my site because of the hits, so l will give it to someone”. My guess is that he will give it to someone on his blogroll or me (l hope).

also a few other wordpress sites have been hacked, but now there passwords for there site must have been very easy.

Password Warning
ok, l told you l will post this a while ago, so now im going to get this done.

a password must be hard to quess and not a word in the dictionary, because one of these can be hacked in a few seconds. so this is what a password should be like.

try by using a sentance such as:

the dog jumped over the fence

use the first letter of each word, and the password will look like this: tdjotf
this is very hard to guess as this is not a word, also you could try use numbers and spaces and anything else you can think of. (these passwords will take days,m onths or evan years).

so have fun with a password and make it unique. (because l do).

—–please comment on your ideas for a unique password—-


ok cya

-lpg 123

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