New Stuff!!

sorry, for a lack of posts this week,
ok now here is all of the new stuff for December 2007 on club penguin.

first —–coins for change—–
it has statred and you can donate coins to help charity.
here is what you need, donate coins at the plaza.


also there is a free item at the plaza, a bell.

New Stage production
yes, there is a new stage production, which is entirely different from the last one, but im not not really sure the theme of the new production is.


also there is new costumes.

Furniture catalogue


there is also a new snowglobe igloo.

also l will start up a contest soon

Merry Christmas

-lpg 123


3 Responses to “New Stuff!!”

  1. yup u may order one hopefully it will be done soon though..

  2. uve been able to get snowglobe igloo 4 ages

  3. G UNIT

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