Blog Stats!!!

ok, there is no real news today l am going to show you my blog stats.

there is many ups and down, good days and bad days



l am going to make a new page on what l know about runescape and also password warning, when l get home from school.

ok cya

-lpg 123


6 Responses to “Blog Stats!!!”

  1. Hey Lpg123
    Buzz jr asked me if I could ask you to make him a header with his penguin on?He liks your headers and wants you to make him one
    Please make it A.S.A.P.{AS SOON AS POSSIBLE}
    your friend
    Miroos {c} (c)

  2. can u plz answer my question on internationalpenguins on ur page?

  3. Special deleviring surprise on
    Especially for lpg123 wo is now an *****(its not a bad word its just secert)on miroos site and he will be awesome as an ***** on miroos site and one more lucky person can join

  4. but ***(secret)to your ****(secret)
    If u wanna now what the stars are go to my site

  5. Pirates Gold Says:


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