Newspaper #112

ok, the new newspaper is out today with some expected topics.

coins for change
will start from December 14-21, and club penguin will be donating 1 million dollars to charity (thats alot of money), you allready know whats its all about and if you want more information on this, please see older posts, thanksyou.

Yellow Puffle Mania
everyone is excited about the yellow puffles (i am to) and how we can still adopt more, l have enough though.

Christmas is Around the corner
club penguin will be having christmas partys, items, igloo contests and more, check it out

Audiences Wowed
the alien show will be finished soon, so beter get your acts in, because it is going to change next week.

ok here is the upcoming events


Christmas party info, dates, prizemoney, etc



ok, thats it

i am going to start up a contest very soon, but when l get 15,000 hits, more news soon.


-lpg 123

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