More News!!!

ok, i am sorry l can not show you my video, because some how l can not get it to work
-it is proably because l need faster internet (im not sure can you please tell me reasons why l can not)

Password warning has been postponed because l have been extremely busy.

—-in war news—-
ok, some of my have heard of pinkmafias, he is the former leader of the UMA and his clubpenguin account has been banned because of either hacking or bad words (im not very sure). But other people in the UMA has been trying to unban this account, but l do no think this will work.

also people are also rebelling againtst the ACP because of there leader Ogalthorp, because people say that he boses people around and not let anyone look after there own servers, just stuff like that. and people have became very angry and want him gone. so they are trying to start a battle to kick him out, but there is people who want him to stay, so there will be a big battle soon (l will definantly be there) supporting the army l have allegance with the RPF, but they are not sure who to allie with because RPF is allies with them both.

ok, so thats everything that is going down with club penguin wars. (l think that is exciting but you may not think that)

ok cya

-lpg 123


2 Responses to “More News!!!”

  1. I wish CFAOCP was famous
    Ok ogalthorp was ok before when i was in his army ,when i quit then i hadnt seen ACP for months one day i found out their website and I visit sometimes but something thats really bad about his is this
    Remember teh practice war?
    He said ”My pc crazhed and i didnt make teh war ,my soldiers said they won and so did the WW but i will just say we won!”
    How the hell can he do that????

    LPG 123: wanting his army to sound the best, so more people join.

  2. PS.theres SOMEthing wrong with ur site,the sidebar goes into the post and i cant read everything

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