Yellow puffle found

ok here is a pic that l found the yellow puffle


you wait at the plaza for about 15 minutes and he pops up out of no where


Pin is at the dance lounge



also today l saw rockhopper twice
1) my brother found him, he was at the, shiphold and iceberg at mammoth
2) this time l fouind him later, he was at the iceberg at tuxedo

here is two pics for proof


and sorry but he is somewhere there


and my new background, also my favourite one


can you see my pirate pin thats really rare

ok cya

-lpg 123


9 Responses to “Yellow puffle found”

  1. lol i see his beard and i met rh with zambos

    LPG123: yer i saw your background

  2. did u edit teh first pic?

    LPG123: no its not a edit

  3. pantucas jr Says:

    i saw rh with u lgp123!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the ice burg then he went to his ship then he went to the ships hold and then he left thanks i found him because of u ur awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LPG123: thats allright because l really wanted to see him to

  4. pantucas jr Says:

    that was my fifth time seeing him

    LPG123: i have seen him 3 times

  5. pantucas jr Says:

    i saw him today now thats my sixth time

  6. It is an edit man cos u cant be RH buddy

    lpg123: its not a edit

  7. pantucas jr Says:

    thats is how it is when u meet him because rh is everyones buddy so thats why theres a smiley face

  8. Thanx pantucas but he may be everybodys buddy but he aint liek a buddy on yo buddy list
    PS.Indaclub gave me a memeber accoutn called hewylouis and he is friends with MACE

  9. pantucas jr Says:

    i know u cant put him on ur buddy list he everyones friend and whos cares about that account u got

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