I saw rockhopper

oh cool i saw rockhopper
i saw him at the server mammoth at rockhoppers ship, he was not there for to long and left and l couldnt find him again, ohh well

here is a pic to prove i saw rockhopper


i am also wearing my favourite and oldest pin, it was one of the first items rockhoppper brought the pirate pin and the eyepatch.

plaza- it has changed a little bit, so get working
pin- it is at the dance lounage

rockhopper brought back some items but they arnt the best

ok cya

-lpg 123


2 Responses to “I saw rockhopper”

  1. great eve 12 Says:

    plz is there a way to say where he is now??#

  2. Michael / Biiels Says:

    Go to Yukon. Please go to the town. Biiels

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