Newsletter #106

ok there is a new newsletter and here is everything that you need

1) club penguin will have a surprise party, on the 23rd of November
you can vote for 3 different themes
-pirate party
-sports party
-western party (this is what l voted for)
the western and sports party happened along time ago and l would like to see them again on club penguin.

2) A Stage Production
this is what the construction in the plaza is all about, they want to have Actors, Stagemanagers, dancers and more (which one will you be)
it will start on November 16th, more news on this soon.

3) rockhoppers coming back (this time i am going to find him)
he is coming back on Friday, he will bring back some new or old items, not sure and will be visiting cp
he will be walking around clubpenguin and he visits most popular places, more news on how to find rockhopper soon

ok and thats about it
here is all the upcoming events for club penguin


ok cya


-lpg 123


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