Mission 5 Guide, Secrets and Walkthrough

oh om what a surprise for the new mission, that surprised me, WOW
ok IT IS A POLAR BEAR, that was unexpected, a talking polar bear and his partner a crab
ok here is my predictons about the story of mr polar bear

-drifted to club penguin by the iceberg, possiblely global warming.
-on rockhopper’s ship, another stoway
-swam to club penguin.
-flew to club penguin on a jet pack

what could this polar bear do when he is at club penguin
-we could meet him
-scare penguins
-be mean
-give out free items

ok now here is a walkthrough of the new mission, and i will make a video soon

1. Talk to G and tell him you are ready to find out what the white fur is

2. Fix the broken machine that he asks you to fix with the comb on your spy phone

3. Now G gives you the white fur, put it in to the machine and it will tell you (the second time you do it) that the fur has hot chocolate, pizza sauce and jet pack fuel.

4. Go to the pizza parlor and get one of the hot sauces and one of the chocolates.

5. Take the pizza to the penguin that’s fishing behind the ski lodge.

6. Now go to the coffee shop and talk to the penguin, he will show you a drawing of the monster he saw.

7. Now you have to fix the machine, to do that put the cup under the part where it comes out then pour the chocolate from the pizza parlor in to the machine then use the wrench on your spy phone and twist the milk tube. Put the Hot Chocolate in to your inventory

8. Now go back to HQ and grab the AC 1000.

9. Go to the beacon and use the AC 1000 on the jet pack fuel floating in the air. Now use the scissors in your spy phone and cut it down.

10. Now go downstairs and in to the lighthouse, grab the rope and the net.

11. Now go to the HQ and mix all 3 of the things together in to the goggles.

12. Go to the ski village and put the goggles on, follow the foot prints in to the next room.

13. Grab the candle that you see when you walk in, then head in to the fishing area.

14. Put the net and the rope together and tie it to the tree in the fishing place then put the candle on it.

15. A crab will come and get trapped. Take the crab and the fur that’s on the ground.

16. Give G the crab and put the fur in the machine again and it will tell you it’s a polar bear.

ok we will find out what is happening, just calm down and play the mission

comments are welcome for your own prediction about what will happen with the polar bear

ok cya

-lpg 123

3 Responses to “Mission 5 Guide, Secrets and Walkthrough”

  1. hey lpg hope everything is okj i copied the walkthorugh(your one) to my site and gave u credit (a link to your site and i put tat u rock!)and the next mission is totally with the polar bear they are some cleevr points that u said!

    Keep it cool and be cool

    lpg123: thanks for that miroos

  2. it worked!!! thanks ipg!!!!!1

    LPG123: no no thankyou for visiting my site

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