some penguins have seen a golden puffle, and well i am going to see if it works
-i have also heard rumors that its for the new mission, but still we will find out soon enough
-my brother found it but he didnt take a pic, i must teach him how to do that

also there is new clothes coming which is winter clothes (no ninja clothes, as some people have been saying) and also sport clothes which have not been updated in a while

i just saw it at the forest, it poops up out of the bushed
1)first you see the bushes move
2) then the little golden puffle poops out for about 3 seconds
3) then jumps back to where it came from.

but it was to fast for me to get a pic, i am to slow sorry
ok now see if you can stop the little guy
-oh yer and there was a new newspaper and it says that the wigs are going to stay

ok cya and be good

-lpg 123


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