if you have seen a penguin on mammoth has the first ever item released
well there is a penguin named fano that has it and is over 700 days old

well he has a site and i am trying to get onto his blogroll

the site is


also, i emailed CP to find out about any clues to the upcoming gift shop surprise and this is what they said

As far as the mystery fashion goes, we’ll have to wait until next Friday to find
out for sure what it might be, but I bet it will be great!

so they are giving away no clues, so we will just have to wait and see what it is (my guess is probably hair or happy or sad faces)


also i have now got 9,000 views (thankyou for visiting my blog) and i am going to have a 10,000 views party, but more news on that soon

-lpg 123


One Response to “FANO’S SITE”

  1. I met fano lots of times and he told us about the ninjas and we fought 2gether with him it was a great experience fighting with an expert such as him…

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