If you spam or write links to your website i will block you from commenting on my site


and next RA meeting

DATE 14th of September 2007

everyone is invited to attend

-lpg 123


10 Responses to “SPAMMING”

  1. hey lpg can you go on my site plz it is plz i put you on there iam your freind

  2. if you block me from commenting on this site iam wuiting the ra then so how do u like that

  3. so what pantucas u sound like a baby

  4. hey lpg123 can u add me 2 ur blogroll i have a party group called TDF which all we do is party 😆

    my site is

  5. be quit miroos you loser

  6. ya can you add me too my site is i already added you lpg123 so you need to add me

  7. ok man i dont wanna have an argument again k im not blocking u from my blog unless you keep bothering me and lpg

  8. lgp iam not bothering him he is my freind i even added to my glog roll already so lpg123 can you add me to your blog roll it is and my name is pantucas132

  9. alright i wanna be your friend aswell and im sorry about what happened on motol7’s site he deleted his site anyway is sub still ya friend?

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