All soldiers must attend

ok now i want all soldiers to attend this meeting
their will be alot of other big name armies there but dont be scared
i want to show everyone that we are strong and united
it will be at the following time

-August 26
-4:00pm PST
-Mammoth, USA
-In the Dojo
-Everyone is to attend

this is in Penguin Standard Time so just go on a time converter website
so you see what time it is where you live.


and in other news i am making a website just for the RA
but i will only tell you when the RA grows strong


lpg 123
-leader of the RA


4 Responses to “All soldiers must attend”

  1. Lpg i will be going on holiday 2morow for 5 days can u take over my blog your an admin on it

  2. i joined the ra

  3. good work putucas

  4. thanks

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