hay everyone is out

its is probably the best mission there is
it to do with the AVALANCHE
that is all i am going to tell you


And here is a video from youtube
it did not make it

i have just about worked out how to make videos, so they may be some soon

ANd there may be a friendly war against the CPW
still confirming the date


lpg 123

3 Responses to “NEW MISSION 4!!!!”

  1. Me 2 i finished it!
    here is the written version:
    1.Talk to Gary
    2.He will open the gadget room
    3.Get the life preserver
    4.Get the rope from the lighthouse
    5.Go up and get the telescope with the wrench
    6.Talk to the penguin at the ski village(optonal)
    7.Pick up the fur thingy
    8.Go to G’s office in the sportshop
    9.Look in the telescope and you can see the penguins that are in danger
    10.Go to the lodge and get the fishing rod
    11.Go to the mountain and pass the maze this is how it goes:right,middle,middle,left,right
    12.Join the life preserver,the rope and the fishing rod
    13.Catch the 1st penguin and put him at that little place that there is a rock there
    14.Get the 2nd penguin and press him to go down and he will get the 3rd penguin
    15.Put the 3 penguins to push the rock then you can get the fourth penguin
    16.Then the miners are drilling the mountain and the four penguins are relaxing one has a bandage on his head and the other on his foot
    17.Talk to Mr.Lazy that doesnt do anything(Gary the lazy guy lol)
    18.G says some boring stuff
    19.You finished and the letter you get selfdestructs lol!

  2. i fist it too as soon as i logged in u get a reward a letter and a extra reward

  3. pirate1qaz1edc Says:

    i fisnshed it two the first day it came out

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