Where have you found rockhooper

can you tell me were have you found rockhopper before
which server
was there alot of people crowed around him
was the server full



9 Responses to “Where have you found rockhooper”

  1. well lpg the problem is that usually the place where the great hopper is is usually full so i dunno but i think he was on parka the other day

  2. Can i ask you if i could
    help u out with the website?please

  3. i found him on mammoth at the iceburg, rainbow at the town, and tuexedo at the town, snow forts, plaza, forest and cove.

  4. i have been on parka a few times and i didnt see him
    but the server was full

  5. i found him in boots a couple days ago

  6. I did’nt find him but his rowboat is at the beach.With free life vests on his boat.

  7. I found Rockhopper!!!I met him at Blizzzard,7:30,January 25 2008.At the iceberg!!!!

  8. Hes hard to find but its hard to find me to!

  9. ice burg he was hidding under my table pizza parlor

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