Wanna see rockhopper


if you want to see rockhopper you first need to find what server he is on

where he is

then get past these penguins
-if you are a non member you have no chance sorry


and then hope your information is true because it bad if he is not there

and if you are a luchy penguin that finds him
you get to find this cool background.


i hope one day you find him
because i have not

but if you give up hope of finding him you can always do some fishing


and one other thing
if you were on either the pma or the acp website you could see me because i was there
-in acp site i am on the top right
-in pma i am just on top of r2dpemguin but it is hard to see me

there was a big war and it was fun



waddle forever and a day


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