new general

I have a new general that fight like me

Qaz Edc and he is great


We beat the dark opps
they are our enemys

Uma defeated by Acp and Rpf
and R.A (rockhoppers Army)

Thats all

lpg 123


6 Responses to “new general”

  1. pirate1qaz1edc Says:

    Hi im qaz edc

  2. pirate1qaz1edc Says:

    Heelo RA ihope we can make this the srongest army

  3. pirate1qaz1edc Says:

    u spelled my name wrong lol its qaz edc

  4. There you go

    qaz edc

  5. pirate1qaz1edc Says:

    lpg im going to make an army but im going to be in your to
    The reson.The reson is that iv been at the dojo twice and not 1RA has been there if i make an army u will be the first ppl who will be allies
    ps i got u a allie there ypa ok

  6. QAZ EDC YOU TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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