New glitch walk on water

Walk on water
1, Go to the dock

2, Go just under the red tubes near the water

3, now click on the boat

4, you will walk on water on the way to play ballistic biscuit.

YOu can not do this cheat anymore


4 Responses to “New glitch walk on water”

  1. i no that one but it isnt soo cool its only on the dock

  2. I thought you could accually walk where you want

  3. hADYLADY Says:

    it wont work but the one at the iceburg does go to the iceburg and play the new game then win it then put on swimming suits and go it might take five or two times to do it try it its really cool

  4. hadylady Says:

    hi its me again im really famous look me up im friends with rockhopper

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