Join my own army

I want to have a army that will rule over bigsurf
i will be called the gladiators
the sever is in Australia it is called bigsurf
i will be the general-lpg123
and every one else will be a soldier or a private
I will wear every thing yellow i have
member can wear
-gold helmet or roman helmet
-gold chain
-black jumper
-black shoes
-blue cape or backpack
-any glasses
-red colour

or non member
-eye patch
-pirate shoes
-pirate belt
-red bandanna
-red colour

meeting will be at the swimming pool on fridays
time will be 12.00pm club penguin time
big surf Australia server

thank you please comment to join.


8 Responses to “Join my own army”

  1. disney212 Says:

    what server is the meetings in

  2. i would like to join

  3. brett i think i know you! You go to silverstar school accross from ms.ramsey’s class!! and i’m LIAM!!!!!!

  4. ME JOIN?

  5. I WILL JOIN!!!!!! but i dont have a website……. booo hooo srry!!!

  6. can i join

    Penguin name: MotoMike37

    email me

  7. Me join Me join but i can only be red

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